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GLOBALi Registration Program Helps Prevent Car Theft

Protecting your vehicle doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars. One of the most cost-effective options on the market today is also one of the most effective in terms of theft prevention. The GLOBALi Theft Deterrent is the largest of its kind in North America and it’s able to make potential car thieves think twice before acting. Most stolen vehicles are taken to shops where they are disassembled and sold off as parts. Thieves realize that there’s very little to gain when vehicles branded with GLOBALi are stolen. How does it all work? It’s simple.

GLOBALi Registration Program - What Is GLOBALi?

The GLOBALi Theft Deterrent program starts at a reputable automotive dealership in Canada. Should a customer be interested in purchasing the GLOBALi Theft Deterrent program, the dealer staff will install ten labels in strategic locations throughout the vehicle. Some will be visible, giving potential thieves a warning that the branded vehicle is neither an appealing nor a profitable target. Other branding labels are placed on various body parts that are frequently stolen. Each label has a unique theft identification number that will be linked to the true VIN in the GLOBALi Vehicle Registry & Recovery Network (VRRN), which unites vehicle owners, dealerships and law enforcement.
If a GLOBALi label is removed the unique theft ID number will adhere to the vehicles' body part. The unique theft ID number is then only visible with a frequency specific ultra-violet light. Once identified by law enforcement the unique theft ID number can be searched in the GLOBALi Vehicle Registry & Recovery Network to trace it back to the true VIN of the vehicle, where the vehicle was purchased, and the rightful owner.

GLOBALi Registration Program - Why Does It Work?

The reason the GLOBALi Theft Deterrent program works so well comes down to a few simple facts. Thieves steal for profit. Easily identified vehicles and parts are not as easy to sell for high prices. Marking a vehicle in a way that it becomes more difficult to sell and therefore less valuable removes it from the cross hairs of thieves. With that in mind, criminals are fully aware of the GLOBALi Theft Deterrent system and tend to steer clear of vehicles branded with GLOBALi.

GLOBALi Registration Program - Professional Recognition

GLOBALi has received the endorsement of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) as well as several automotive dealer associations that recommend a proactive approach to auto theft. They are in communication with many of the top auto theft agencies throughout North America and are members of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI). With so much recognition from such reputable agencies, it’s no wonder that thieves and criminals get a feeling of impending doom when faced with the highly recognizable GLOBALi theft deterrent program.
The GLOBALi Theft Deterrent program is an ongoing success. The next time you are in the market for a new vehicle, insist on the best anti-theft measures on the market. GLOBALi is available only from the finest automotive retailers in Canada. To learn more about the numerous benefits afforded to those who opt for the GLOBALi solution, visit or contact a customer care representative at 1-888-291-9991. They’ll be happy to provide any additional information and statistics at your request.

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